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Total Awarded

2023:   $200,000

2022:   $161,500

  ​2021:   $100,500  

2020:   $ 65,000

2019:   $105,000

2018:   $ 49,000

The mission of Second Chance Thrift Shop is to raise funds for charities in the Summerville area that support those members of our community who are most in need: food, clothing, shelter, and other essential and life-saving needs. Community Support Award Grants are our way of disbursing these funds.  

In the past 30 years, Second Chance has donated almost $1 million to charities in our local community. With the support of our volunteers, donors, and shoppers, we look forward to increasing our mission's reach.

Organizations that received funding in 2023 for a total of $200,000 are listed below.  To learn more about these wonderful organizations and their impact on our community, click on the name, and you will be redirected to their website.  

Keys to Change South Carolina  $50,000

Doors to Freedom  $55,000

Dorchester Seniors  $5,000

Expanding The Table  $5,000

Hearts For Summerville  $5,000

Katie's Krops  $25,000

Magdalene House  $5,000

Meals on Wheels of Summerville  $50,000

If you have any questions about our Community Support Award Grants please email:



October 27, 2022:  Second Chance Thrift Shop is happy to announce the 2022 Community Service Awards. Totaling $161,500.00, the Awards went to seven nonprofit organizations: Carolina Youth Development Center, Keys to Change, Doors to Freedom, FreshStart Visions, HELP of Summerville, Katie's Krops, and Meals on Wheels of Summerville. These organizations serve the Summerville community in keeping with Second Chance's mission: to raise funds to support local charities that help those most in need in our community.

Pictured left to right: Jenny Vicini, Executive Director, Keys to Change; Marty Thomas, Board of Directors, Keys to Change; Chuck Coward, Director of Development, Doors to Freedom; Tori Walters, Office Manager, HELP of Summerville; Collin Martin, Board of Directors, Meals on Wheels; Crystal Bovell, Executive Director, Meals on Wheels; Kathy Whitfield, Board of Directors, HELP of Summerville; Molly Willard, Board of Directors, Meals on Wheels; Katie Stagliano, Founder & Chief Executive Gardener, Katie’s Krops. 

Not pictured: Carolina Youth Development Center, FreshStart Visions

239639455_1224291881376518_160369236383204510_n (1).jpg

April 2021

On August 19, 2021: Community Support Awards were presented to HELP of Summerville, Keys to Change, and Meals on Wheels of Summerville. Each organization received $25,000. These organizations assist those most in need in our community, and the money awarded to them will be put to great use. Thank you for all you do for Summerville.

Pictured left to right: Tori Walters, HELP of Summerville; Marty Thomas, Keys to Change; Mary Ann Schoch, Second Chance Thrift Shop; Bob Richards, Meals on Wheels; Julie Dugan, Second Chance Thrift Shop; Don Nye, Meals on Wheels; and Jan Hursey and Pam Geisick, Second Chance Thrift Shop.

October 2020

July 2020

January 2020

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